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  • Listening to: Mimo Dancing -Yamai
  • Watching: anime
  • Playing: Divine Gate
  • Eating: bread

|『Saori Heishikōkai』| 『Saori Tanizaki』 |

|『Heishikōkai Saori』| 『Tanizaki Saori』|




  • Heishikōkai Saori | Tanizaki Saori


  • Sa᛫o᛫ri Hei᛫shi᛫kō᛫kai | Sa᛫o᛫ri Ta᛫ni᛫za᛫ki

  • 平氏紅海彩小理 | 谷崎彩小理

  • Heishikōkai Saori | Tanizaki Saori

  • Saori Heishikōkai | Saori Tanizaki


  • Unknown (Real age)
  • 16 (Human appearance age)


  • Handedness: Left Handed.
  • Complexion: Lightly Tan.

Hair color

  • Azuki red, honeysuckle yellow (underlayer), hyacinth purple ((hair tips/hair strands) (Human))
  • Platinum blonde, Lemon chiffon(underlayer), crepe pink ((hair tips/hair strands) (Kitsune)

Eye color

  • Sapphire blue (Human)
  • Yellow-red (Oni-Kitsune)

  • 195  cm (6' 39") (Oni-Kitsune form).
  • 191 cm (6' 26") (Human form)

  • 55 kg (121 lbs) (Oni-Kitsune form)
  • 50 kg (110 lbs) (Human form).


  • Saori’s hair covers mostly a numerous amount of piercings, around 5 appears to be the close maximum to ear piercings, since they are able to mix and max them on both ears depending on the clothes they wear.


  • Ageha (relating to the Heishikōkai’s clan succession naming)


  • Aori (by Youran off “Lilith” related band work)


  • Saori takes on a different appearance than their human version, when they are in their true form as a kitsune and their anthropomorphic self. They have horns sprouting out on their foreheads showing their Oni-kitsune characteristics aside from having their normal hair color and eye color. Including an odd number of eyes, unruly fox fur, and horns when assumed their anthropomorphic self.

  • Their horns are a bit smaller than most common oni’s horns.

Species: Yokai (Japanese Demon)

    • Classification: Kitsune (fox demon)

    • Breed: Mixed breed (Oni from mother’s side, Zenko from father’s side )

Birthday: November 11.

Blood Type: O

Constellation: Scorpio


  • Crino-Line (Character Reference sheet)

Favorite Food(s):

  • Octopus Takoyaki.
  • Sushi
  • Fried tofu.
  • Kitsune-udon.
  • Croquette
  • Aburage.

Favorite Desert(s):

  • Castella cake.
  • Ujikintoki.
  • Moon cakes
  • Shoutao (longevity peach)
  • Taiyaki Matcha Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Raindrop cake
  • Daifukus

Least Favorite Food(s)

  • Chicken.
  • Onions
  • Eggplant

Favorite drink(s)

  • Sweet Ice Tea
  • Ginger tea
  • Boba tea
  • Matcha tea
  • Azuki tea


  • Reading books
  • Singing
  • Sightseeing various locations

Special Skill:

  • Japanese calligraphy.
  • Origami folding
  • Music


  • Shape Shifting

  • Possession (Kitsunetsuki)

  • Illusions

  • Thought Projection

  • Manipulation of Fire

  • Elemental Manipulation

    • Umi (Ocean)
    • Kukan (Void)
      • Kukan alignment from mother’s side, Umi alignment from father’s side of the family, while other elemental manipulation training is done at the   Heishikōkai estate within the kitsune village.


  • Katanas

  • Shamisen

  • Scrolls


  1. Books

  2. music

  3. Stargazing

  4. Semi-sweet confectionary products

  5. Espionages


  1. Onions

  2. Spicy Mayo

  3. Inaccurate information

  4. Bitter food


  • Saori appears to be an mysterious eccentric person, who enjoys learning new discoveries about the world, as if it appears to be fascinated by the things that the world have to offer to them. They are mostly curious about human culture, and how humans are indeed interesting creatures to observe and interact with, despite how majority of humans who believed yokais are nothing but mythological creatures instead of yokais actually have been in existence for many years than humans were.

  • They are considered to be very unpredictable and bizarre. While carrying profound (hidden) meanings in their choice of words, when speaking and actions are being conveyed to others, which they are perceived as a wierd thing to say to another person. Although doing whatever they pleased without needing the approval of others, even though some people think of it them going out of their way to show their way of being nice to others. In reality it seemed that troublesome issues will arise later than soon, if it’s not settled ahead of time before it ends up getting out hand in the questionable situations.

  • By assuming their real appearance as an Oni-Kitsune, They are being prideful of their lineage of being a mixed breed for an kitsune, while having no restraints in whatever they are doing to enjoy themselves for amusement in a playful manner. When confronted with an obstacle that appears a threat to themselves, without a warning, they attack with a sense of bloodlust, showing others not to wandered in personal matter that belongs to them or else they would risk a dangerous consequences for their actions. Making them feel like their instincts takes over their reasonable side as a person, when calmed down they present themselves with an passive aggressive aura to others.   

  • When addressing matters within their clan, they do not simply care about the risks involved to other parties involved except for their own clan. But really mostly caring about themselves, including their subordinates they are extremely close too, which already knowing the outcome ahead of time before they are told by their own clansmen of the situation at hand.

Background Information:

  • Born into the noble Tanizaki family through the father’s side, who were considered to be one of the mainly nobility family who specializes in traditional acting and associated in an rakugou theatre troupe. In reality, he is a common kitsune known as a Zenko Kitsune, who is associated with Inari foxes travelling from one village to another delivering their jobs as Inari’s messenger. While being a direct descendant of the noble Heishikōkai family from the mother’s family, who belong to a clan of fox yokais that were a mixed breed between an Oni and a Kitsune, called an “Oni-Kitsune”. After signs of their Oni-kitsune heritage was manifested from a young age, Saori was raised by agreement by both parents, to undergo studying to have controlled over their abilities.

  • There was an agreement between the family of Saori being able to return to the moral society to live a semi-normal life after their studies have been completed, until they are of age assuming the mantle of being the next heir to the Heishikōkais after Shiranui’s reign as clan leader has ended. Including the condition of choosing retainers/servants of their selection without interference of the Heishikōkai elders after the position has been occupied. As well as a deciding on a mate worthy of them to keep the Heishikōkai lineage strong.



  • Heishikōkai Shiranui  

  • Heishikōkai/Tanizaki Kazama (married into the wife's family while he's a Tanizaki in the past. Kept the Tanizaki’s name when traveling with his theatre troupe as a cover up).


  • Miuratare/Nagai Youran
  • Miuratare/Nagai Hoshimiya



  1. Saori’s birthday, September 29th, is National Coffee Day.

  2. Saori spends their afternoon reading books.

  3. Saori is mostly likely to spend half of their money on deciding which feminine products to purchase after “Lilith” related work.

    1. “Lilith” is the name of the 3 person band unit, with Saori as the main vocalist + bassist, Youran as the guitarist, and Hoshimiya as their drummer.  

    2. “Lilith” was formed during the time after Saori's studies at the Heishikōkais' estate was completed.

  4. Their sharp shark-like teeth are from mostly a family trait from the mother’s side of the family, including their ogre like horns.

  5. Previous clan leader of the Heishikōkai is often to assume a different name for their own benefit after the coming of age ceremony. Hence why Saori selected "Ageha" as their chosen name after taking up the mantle of the Heishikōkais’ clan leader.

  6. When assuming their human self, they take on the Tanizaki surname from the father's side of the family to prevent any troublesome situations among humans. While among their clansmen or other yokais, they assumed the surname of their mother's.

dAfter-Story OC Application: Saori

dunno why I like using boots for most of my OCS to wear though//shot//

EDIT: 20171126
  • Went back to tidy things up after thinking about various options on what to do with fixing Yūsa's bio.


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